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Burlington & Camden County

Other Services

We also provide a wide array of seasonal services.


Many types of mulch are available, including colored mulches, licorice root and cedar.

Plant Beds

Spring clean up and mulching of planting beds is a great way to start the season.


Trimming and pruning of shrubs and small trees will insure proper blooming and growth patterns as well as keeping them at a desired size.


Installation of ornamental plants and trees can enhance your curb appeal and add valuable aesthetics. (All of our new plantings are guaranteed for one year.) Seasonal flowers such as Impatients, Begonias and Fall Mums will add color and texture.

Leaf Removal

Of course fall leaf clean up is available and we can also remove the leaves from the property, eliminating the ugly and dangerous 'mountain of leaves at the curb'.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is available upon request. Keep your driveways, walkways, and decks clear during the winter.

NJ DEP Business # 95223A --- NJ Irrigation Contractor # 195806